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Earn bitcoins
with your Lola 

The LOLA Blockchain allows peers to rent unused storage and bandwidth : the more you share, the more you earn ! Launch Jan 2018

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LOLA, respects your privacy! Your personal data is safe from big corporations: selling your private life is not and will never be our model!

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Blockchain + cloud + CDN

LOLA decentralized storage infrastructure has been designed for both personal blockchain based cloud services and efficient professional content delivery services.

Pre-order yours !

What can LOLA do for you?

All in one home cloud + media center + voice control
By sharing your storage on your LOLA you instantly become a peer in the blockchain based LOLA cloud, providing content delivery services for companies in need of cheap mesh CDN. You provide a service, it is normal you get rewarded, no? You can choose to get paid in Bitcoins or in Euros proportionally to the amount of data shared accros the network.
LOLA aims to be the (GAFA free) center of your smart home! Use voice control to ask LOLA anything : LOLA can show your latest holidays album, or a movie staring Tom Cruise... LOLA turns on your TV and shows instantly the content you asked for. What's next? On following releases, LOLA will support most wireless standards to become the new hub for your smart home!
Do you know the Internet emits as much carbon as the whole aerial trafic? Decentralizing reduces the need for datacenters and their huge energy consuming A/C systems. Moreover LOLA, applies to the 1% for the planet and zeroecoimpact programs.
Your content posted on the LOLA are available anytime, anywhere! You can easily share them with your friends. What about security ? Blockchain smart contracts and double authentication protects your account while 128 bits encryption takes care of your personal data!
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    All your videos on the LOLA are available on your TV, your computer, tablet or smartphone. LOLA automatic meta-data engine enriches them with covers and movie information.
    Play all your music files on your audio bluetooth system or on your TV, LOLA automatically scraps covers and displays your favorite artists latest posts on social networks.
    No more available storage on your smartphone? Backup all your pictures on your LOLA and share your albums in a trice with your family and friends!
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    Your cloud, at home without monthly fees! Access your files at work, on the go, on holidays... LOLA doesn't sell your personal data to 3rd party corporations and will never do!
    Activate sharing in your settings panel, see your ranking in the LOLA network leaderboard and get rewards as you become a leading peer!
    Extend your storage for free by connecting with trusted LOLAs that belong to your best friend, your grandma... or to you! Share your content to anyone, wether they own a LOLA or not!

With LOLA,

take the power back on your digital life!
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How to install LOLA

in 4 easy steps
Plug your ethernet cable or connect to your WIFI
Create your LOLA user account
Connect LOLA to your TV via HDMI
Enjoy your LOLA!